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and a happy birthday

Another birthday in our house. Homemade Snugwich breakfast, as always! His sisters!(His little brother slept through it all.)  Cupcakes! Dude, you need a hair cut …

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‘Hello everybody, how do you do, my name is youngest brother, and I am two!’  And so the baby turns two and it is his turn to learn the little family rhyme that all the others were introduced to on … Continue reading

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. Boys.  Books.  Brothers.

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lemon shortbread ⎮ gluten-free

I thought I’d shake things up a bit and share a recipe. Sometimes a celebration needs an eat that is delicious and easy-peasy-(lemon)-squeezy. This shortbread steps into the gap, and it is wonderful served with sliced strawberries and honey pecans.  Ingredients½ cup … Continue reading

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I was nursing my last wee one the other day and thinking how quickly time passes, how short the distance from babe in arms to teenager, like the one sitting across the room from me. But really, I know this … Continue reading

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winter break

Cederberg mountains, heart-mountains.Land of red rock and chilly fresh amber water.Sage brush, endless stillness, sky beyond-reason-blue. Glorious desolation. Grateful for the soul food!

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holding on

The baby years are running out in my house.There are new freedoms on the horizon.Yet there is loss too. Sometimes I think one should always have a little body in the house. So I am holding on while it lasts.

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