‘Hello everybody, how do you do, my name is youngest brother, and I am two!’ 

And so the baby turns two and it is his turn to learn the little family rhyme that all the others were introduced to on their second birthday.

Hard to believe. And how he completes this little gang. How applauded and adored he is.

So glad you are here, little one.

So glad for all you have brought to this family.

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A great God, one crazy husband, five home-schooled children, and a (post-island) life at the tip of Africa ...
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4 Responses to two

  1. Annakie says:

    Baie geluk met “youngest brother” se tweede verjaardag, Corli! Jy het pragtige kinders. Beste wense en baie liefde xx

  2. Cathy Peters says:

    A joy for you all! Another one growing up so quickly…and everyone enjoys the process! Wonderful…relish these seasons…they do not last forever, and are the building character experiences within a loving safe nurturing family unit. Preparation for a big world ahead…the grand adventure. In Christ it is all a joy…because He walks with us in the valleys and mountaintops. May each of your children be well equipped and strengthened in Him, so that not only do they do well, they contribute great things to this needy world. It is our privilege to serve Him…who has given His All. We Praise Him. Much love and prayers you-ward.

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