little buddy

IMG 0421

Hey little man, we love you so.

About islandsundays

A great God, one crazy husband, five home-schooled children, and a (post-island) life at the tip of Africa ...
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2 Responses to little buddy

  1. Cathy Peters says:

    Lovely to hear from you!
    Trusting for your health and well-being…at every level. Let your husband take the weight of the family, he is wonderfully capable. And you focus on getting balanced, strong, healthy, resilient. You are the “ballast” in the family, and it is very important that you are healthy. Be very wise about what you give your energy to…take time to rest…take time to be quiet…it is time for you to restore your “batteries”. Blessings on each one. May Jesus be real and personal to each one of your children, so that in their places they can also minister Jesus to others. In His Love, Cathy Peters

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