big change

We took a big step this week. Booked plane tickets for seven people to the other side of the world.

I stand amazed at God’s provision.

Now that that leap of commitment is behind us, I thought I would share a few excerpts from our recent Christmas letter here.

IMG 8417

dear friends


… We are in our fifth year on the island, and it feels so much more familiar than when we first arrived. We have learned to love the towering trees, the green ocean, the raven’s squawk, the fjord-like Howe Sound with misty vistas. Learned to live with pesky deer and ferry line-ups. Learned the ups and downs of pastoring a small church.
And I think we can say without hesitation that we have been changed by this piece of rock in the ocean we have called home these last years, and the community of which we have become part. I think we are surer of our African-ness, confirmed in our need of community, stronger in our longing for belonging, tougher in our commitment to the Gospel, still aware that everything reduces down to relationships in the end.
In August 2015 our five-year work contract with Cates Hill Chapel will come to an end. Our hope is to return home, back to South Africa, back to teaching theology, back to engaging students and culture, back also to create a university-based space for Christian thinking/mentorship for the young leaders and culture-shifters of our country’s future. 

… It certainly will be a wrench to leave the island. Bowen is a special place, beautiful and unspoilt. We have been blessed here. We will dearly miss folk, and the freedom our children have to roam the island with the village looking out for them. …
… We are looking forward for them all to be closer to family, and to grow up in the sunshine in that crazy country at the south of Africa.
Please would you pray for us when we come to mind, as we are at the threshold of transition from one continent to the next, and at the start of a new and daunting venture in ministry?
We would love to hear from you, and how we may pray for you too.


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A great God, one crazy husband, five home-schooled children, and a (post-island) life at the tip of Africa ...
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2 Responses to big change

  1. Big transitions coming up – you all will definitely be in my prayers!! Especially the littles, as I’ve been in their shoes several times. Exciting, overwhelming, and definitely life-changing! Praying for wisdom, grace, courage, and joy in the journey. I’m sad we won’t get to see you on this side of the world, but perhaps one day in SA, Lord-willing. :)

    • Corli says:

      Thank you for your prayers and love, especially as I know it comes from someone who understands these cross-continental shifts.
      We would have LOVED to see you and your family, but getting American visas for everybody is sadly a bridge too far and complicated and expensive.
      Sending love to everyone!

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