view from my window|full circle

Well, the view from my window has come full circle, all the way from early summer through autumn and back to winter.

I don’t think I will ever tire of witnessing the sweep of the seasons, each beautiful and shouting – Glory!

IMG 6388


IMG 7336 2


IMG 7853


IMG 8419


IMG 8714

About islandsundays

A great God, one crazy husband, five home-schooled children, and a (post-island) life at the tip of Africa ...
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4 Responses to view from my window|full circle

  1. Wow – God’s canvas on the island is breathtaking! Much love to all and may you have a blessed Christmas!

    • Corli says:

      You got just what I meant!
      Thank you for the Christmas wishes – lots and lots of love to you and your family for Christmas too.

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