so long summer …

IMG 0757 2

We thank you for pond swimming …

IMG 7593

 and sunny smiles …

IMG 7579

 and dappled light …

IMG 7606

 and beach ventures …

P7080032 2

and clear waters …

IMG 7447

and big jumps …


and happy laughs …


 and rocks climbed …

IMG 7092

and forest walks …

IMG 7114

 and mountain tops …

IMG 7246

and surfski-ing …


and big-guy adventure …


and boys and swings and baby deer …

IMG 6744 2

and backyard strolls …

IMG 6812

and porch chilling …

IMG 6999

and wild rides …

IMG 7554

and sunrise sibling chats.

IMG 7816

[Every good gift comes from above, and all is grace.]

About islandsundays

A great God, one crazy husband, five home-schooled children, and a (post-island) life at the tip of Africa ...
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9 Responses to so long summer …

  1. What a glorious summer! Wish I could’ve joined you. :) I keep telling my parents to plan a trip up to see you all – I think they’d LOVE it! Much love to all from the Wards here in Georgia!

    • Corli says:

      Wow, what a lovely surprise to hear from you. And how we would love to see your folks up here on the island. Yes please, send them along! And now I am off to have a look at your blog. Thanks so much for saying hello, it made my day. All our greetings and love to the Wards in Georgia!

    • I happened to see a comment you made on Jenni’s blog (se7en) and it led me to yours, which was a happy surprise. I couldn’t resist commenting! :) You are all fondly in our thoughts and often in our conversations. Hopefully one of these days we’ll get to reconnect face-to-face! P.S. Thanks for checking out the blog; I started it as an additional resource to a counselling group I lead for MKs/TCks at Covenant College. It’s been sorely neglected of late, but I’m hoping to catch up & post more as the semester winds down.

  2. Tammy says:

    Hey there what awesome pics, that boy is going to be a HEARTBREAKER!!!!!!!

    • Corli says:

      Hey my friend, his mother thinks so too, right! And then he is growing up with three sisters on top of it. Lots of prayer is all I can say! Hope you are getting some sun. Can’t wait to come enjoy some summer with you …

  3. ahh what gorgeously beautiful photo’s….how well you all look. Love and hugs to all XXxx

    • Corli says:

      Oh thank you Shelley, and all are well thank you, it was a good summer. Everybody has grown so tall, it is as if all the sunshine made them grow like crazy! We send you love and hugs too and are looking forward to catching up over a good cup of tea!!

  4. Herb Ward says:

    Dear Corli & JB (and children),

    Lovely photos — what sweet pictures of the children. They are all growing up so quickly.

    On this Thanksgiving Day (in the States), one of the things that we are thankful to the Lord for is the Krohn family.

    Much love form the Wards in North Georgia!

    • Corli says:

      Dear Wards, so glad you could see all the young ones. One can see how time has passed by how much they have grown, indeed. We think back on our time at BI with dear memories of meals at your house, especially around Christmas time (time to take Handel’s music out again!). I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Fond love from all of us.

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