view from my window: winter|spring

I have been getting to know a new view from my window.

Gliding ferries and dramatic mainland mountains have been traded for a big old maple and swirling clouds floating around on the very lovable local mountain (read hump).

As I have been looking from my window, winter give way and finally, suddenly, after the sun came out eveeeeentually, spring sat down and began her reign.

IMG 5240


IMG 5027





It’s been a wonder to watch.

About islandsundays

A great God, one crazy husband, five home-schooled children, and a (post-island) life at the tip of Africa ...
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7 Responses to view from my window: winter|spring

  1. Tammy says:

    Yay for spring!!!!

  2. Beth Lowe says:

    Well we’ve swapped again us in winter and you for spring!!
    Just a very big diffrence our winter aint look like yours!! You WIN

    • Corli says:

      Aaah yes, sadly we do win! But I am realizing how relative weather can be. When we met someone from the Prairies and she replied: “Oh you live in the tropics”! (meaning British Columbia is rather wet and warm(!!) in relation to the rest of Canada). Then again nothing as cold as a damp Cape Town winter in a house without heating! Hoping to see you early next year!

  3. Ah what awesome photo’s and such radical changes. Beautiful.
    Love to all x

    • Corli says:

      The changes are beautiful, and it speaks to me of how much we can change and come alive after a barren time too! Lots of love from us.

  4. godmadeknown says:

    Great view in every season!

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