hello, love

This girl, my first baby, how I love her. And yet how I struggled in the beginning to be loving. That puzzled me for a long time.
Now I get it. I had to learn to love myself. That is the gift my children gave me. The understanding that I can only love them to the extent that I love myself.

And the well-spring of loving myself is the Father’s complete and never-ending and total love for me. For me, actual real me, with wrinkles, shortcomings, and all. I guess having these children just drove me to that spring, drove me to immerse myself in it.

There was no other way.

There still is no other way.

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wake up and live, for the hard days


“Ultimately, the difference between Christians and non-Christians is not a question of salvation for the former and damnation for the latter. The fundamental difference is that Christians know that they are loved by God and the others do not. Hence, when we speak to non-Christians regarding the Word, it must not be for the purpose of converting them and bringing them to our church.

It is simply to pass on the joy of being loved by God, being accompanied by Him in our lives, and knowing that our lives are not moving towards death but Resurrection, that is the good news and none other.”

Jacques Ellul, ‘On Being Rich and Poor’
[emphasis mine] 

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growing up nine

IMG 0650

You are growing up a strong sapling, young man.

IMG 1073

May you become a great strong oak of righteousness, a place of generous refuge..

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and a happy birthday

Another birthday in our house.

Homemade Snugwich breakfast, as always!


His sisters!
(His little brother slept through it all.) 





Dude, you need a hair cut …

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A knee injury, a baby, and a transcontinental move later, I am running again, people!

Once a week, there is nothing between me and 10 km of dirt road in the mountains.

IMG 1052

Me, dust, heat and flowers, towering peaks, a mountain stream, and big quiet.

IMG 1065

Half disbelieving every time I spot the half-way bridge and turning point that I got that far. And then I can’t help but yell a whoop because I really did get that far and it’s downhill all the way home.


I come back a different person, wife, mom.

Still blown away that my family gives to me so much more easily than I give to myself!

IMG 1061

He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul.
Psalm 23 

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‘Hello everybody, how do you do, my name is youngest brother, and I am two!’ 

And so the baby turns two and it is his turn to learn the little family rhyme that all the others were introduced to on their second birthday.

Hard to believe. And how he completes this little gang. How applauded and adored he is.

So glad you are here, little one.

So glad for all you have brought to this family.

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Boys.  Books.  Brothers.

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