happy days …



It’s come. It’s finally here. It’s finally come!

I can’t believe how the gloominess evaporates overnight and suddenly it is warm and sunny every day.

Every day!

Off to the beach, folks. Can’t waste a minute!

About Corli

A great God, one crazy husband, four home-schooled children, and an island life off the west coast of Canada...
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5 Responses to happy days …

  1. Mari von Backstrom says:

    Corli dit lyk fantasties, so bly die Afrika son mense kry n breek van die grysheid!
    X Ma

  2. Annakie says:

    Stunning – geniet dit!

  3. Beth Lowe says:

    Looks idyllic!!

  4. Ahhh ENJOY! LOL x

  5. Cara Kapp says:

    Lyk pragtig!! Cara xxx

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